Masak Kue Jajanan Cimol Dengan Bumbu Pedas

Masak Kue Jajanan Cimol Dengan Bumbu Pedas - maybe that title is very appropriate for this cuisine. you are still confused, this food? If so you are right once opened this recipe, because this time I will share the delights of the recipe to make tasty sauce and tempeh penyet very easy to make yourself at home. in addition to delicious, the materials required is very simple and easy to obtain.

Tempe is one of the ingredients in making recipes tasty sauce and tempeh penyet this. in addition to containing protein, tempeh is also very good for our bodies. I believe tempeh is a very popular food in every community at large. with just fried and friends warm rice alone, already delicious eaten tempeh. especially if accompanied by sambal and lalaban, are like basil, cucumbers and cabbage. will definitely feel much more comfortable and very delicious.

Besides tempeh penyet, there are still a lot of recipes that we can make with basic ingredients tempe tablets. like bergedel tempeh, Orek tempeh, tempeh bacem and so on. oh yes, be careful in choosing tempeh and good for our bodies yes. lest protein that we want for the body actually cause disease in the body because one chose tempeh are not good. you certainly do not want if you must eat tempeh containing the disease?

Therefore this time I will share a few tips in choosing a good tempeh recipes to make tasty sauce and tempeh penyet this. you do not ever buy tempeh fetid / smells bad, do not like tempeh in general are smelling soy. then do not let you buy tempeh with yellow color is not natural or overly bright yellow. because now many tempe rogue traders who want to make a fraudulent interested buyers using textile dyes to dye the tempeh.


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