Tips Memasak Sup Ayam Kaldu Spesial

Tips Memasak Sup Ayam Kaldu Spesial - Kremes fish this time will be presented with a special recipe and choice of us, in order that the fish kremes more steady and crisp. Why choose fish as refined menu this time, because the fish is classified as a fish that is very easy once for dikreasikan, apart from the manufacture of the yellow fish seasoning, fish Pepes, or boiled fish though.

Fish is actually going to be fried as usual but this time the presentation even more special, not just fried granted but has kriuk outwardly or kremes, so that the texture of the fish would look more crisp and tasty.

Well if you have an idea to make the processed fish to be more unique and delicious, just follow the recipe this time, is guaranteed to be a very special dish your dinner table. Immediately, we made preparations yuk fish this time, with regular follow the recipe below. Fish recipe kremes special this time as follows.

How to Make milkfish Kremes

Materials make fish kremes

500 grams of fish, clean terlebihdulu
1 kg of flour ready kremes
300 ml of water
2 eggs, separated yellow only
5 cloves garlic, crushed first
½ pepper tea sendo
1 tablespoon of fine salt
1 teaspoon flavoring
1 kg of vegetable oil, for frying
How to Make milkfish Kremes

Prepare a container for fish rubbed with a mixture of garlic, pepper powder, flavoring, and also fine salt, wait approximately 10 minutes to allow the flavors meresep on all fish
Prepare another container for mengkocok yolks until smooth and slightly bergelumbung stirred, then set aside in advance
Take each fish and then dip into beaten eggs before usahak entire surface of all the submerged fish
Then save the fish that have been covered in earlier egg into a pile of instant kremes flour and pat occasionally to flour sticks to all surfaces fish
Then gorenglah fish into the hot oil so that the fish cooked through, use a medium heat in order kremesnya not too charred, wait until the fish is completely cooked
When ripe fish lift and serve your dish kremes dimenu
How simple enough recipe milkfish Kremes right this time, this way you can make the fish into dishes were very tasty and savory. Do not forget the sauce and lalapanya that your appetite has doubled, good luck.


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