Tips Membuat Batagor Ala Bandung

Tips Membuat Batagor Ala Bandung - There are so many different types of fish cork interesting recipes to try. Types of fish that one is indeed interesting to be processed. It was delicious and rich in nutrients. Of the many recipes for catfish, this article will discuss the recipe acids Fish Cork, which is a typical dish from the region of Southeast Sulawesi.

It's no secret if the region is famous for its Southeast Sulawesi processed fish. The region does have potential high seas. Fish acids Cork is one of them. With sauce and sour taste fresh, acids Cork Fish ready to accompany your lunch. Here is a recipe catfish typical of Southeast Sulawesi.

Ingredients for Making acids Fish Cork:

400 ml water
Fresh catfish 2 tails and then cut into pieces
Oil for frying
Cayenne pepper as much as 5 pieces of sliced oblique
Curly red pepper sliced by 4 units oblique
6 cloves of garlic as thinly sliced
Red onion thinly sliced as much as 8 points
Red tomatoes by 2 pieces cut
As much as 2 stalks lemongrass crushed
Lime juice
Kaffir lime leaves as much as 5 sheets
As much as 1 teaspoon salt
As many as 1 tsp sugar
Steps to Make Fish acids Cork:

Fish that have been cleaned and cut into pieces and then covered with salt and lime.
After that, saute garlic, onion, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, tomatoes, and chilies until fragrant and wilted.
Pour the water and sugar, then stir until boiling.
Enter cork fish then cook with low heat until done.
Acids catfish ready to be served.
So how to make acids catfish. Actually, there are so many delicious fish recipes cork. This fish can be processed into a variety of foods. Tongseng fish such as cork, cork fish kluwek seasoning, grilled catfish, and so forth. You could be the creation of a single species of fish that is processed into a wide variety of interesting and delicious. Especially for the fish dish acids Cork, can be eaten when lunch time arrives. Together with warm white rice and a spicy sauce. Guaranteed to shake your tongue. Thus cork fish recipe, feel free to be creative.


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